Best Hospitality

Our dedicated team of remarkably courteous and caring butlers and hostesses ensure that each individual is treated like a true majesty and never makes them feel they’re out of their palace!

Industrial Catering

A catering that serves at the scale of industry needs to be sharp, competent and meticulously managed to handle any and every need! We at RainbowSky ensure exactly that and much more!

Best One

Rainbow Sky
at A Glance

A complete solution to all the catering requirements featuring
a wide range of nourishing flavorsome meals,
a dedicated full time on-site support team,
well equipped mobile kitchen,
stacked utensils capable of handling any number of guests,
waste-management, and a team of highly trained support staff to take care of all technical and logistic requirements!

Camp Management

We don’t like putting a clock on hunger. Reach out anytime and our team will be charged and ready to serve!

Special Events

A special event demands a special meal and a special team! Our vast choices in menus and a team surprisingly proficient ensure we meet and surpass the needs of every special occasion.


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